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Founded in 2013, Vertigo is an internationally recognised design studio specialising in branding.

We offer brand development and design, brand identity, and brand strategy to help you connect with people, raise awareness, and transform your brand in a socially responsible world. We achieve this by putting people and the planet at the heart of everything we do.

Based in Melbourne, Vertigo partners with Australian and international clients ranging from cultural and commercial to ethical and sustainable.

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Studio Initiatives

As advocates for equality, diversity, and inclusion in design, we established and run Womentor, a global mentorship program and community for women in graphic design. Visit the website for more info.


Talks & Events

The Design Conference, Brisbane, 2019
Sydney Design Festival, Sydney, 2019
The Design Kids, Melbourne, 2019
The Design Kids, Melbourne, 2018
Shillington College, Melbourne, 2018
Australian Graphic Design Association, Melbourne, 2017
The Design Kids, Melbourne, 2017
Billy Blue College of Design, Intro Design Exhibition, Melbourne, 2017
Australian Graphic Design Association, Melbourne, 2017
Billy Blue College of Design, Melbourne, 2017
Moreland City Council Business Women's Network, Melbourne, 2017


Hot Lagoon Art Print Fair
National Museum of Contemporary Art
Bucharest, Romania, July 2018


The Process, The Brand Identity (UK), 2017
Art Marks, Counter-Print (UK), 2016
A Future Without Frutiger (AU), 2016
The Steidz, Issue #1 (FR), 2015
Silk—HD Definitions, BJ Ball (AU), 2014
First Things First Manifesto, Cole Peters et al (CA), 2014