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Can’t make it to the Global Climate Strike on September 20? Here are 7 ways you can do your part for the future of our planet even if you can’t attend:

  1. Use Extinction Rebellion’s global climate strike template to propose a strike in your workplace. Click here.

  2. Find your local event. Click here.

  3. Use your creativity and make some signs, or download some free posters from the Protest By Design database. Click here.

  4. Spread the word and invite everyone you know.

  5. Show your support on social media. Share, repost, retweet, comment, and contribute to the discussion.

  6. Distribute flyers in your community advertising the event. Paste them up, hand them out. Click here.

  7. Write to or call your local MP about the climate emergency. Click here.

Because there aren't any "spare" planets or "practice” environments. This is it. This is all we have.

Our contribution to  Protest By Design , the world’s largest database of protest posters

Our contribution to Protest By Design, the world’s largest database of protest posters