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Vertigo will be closed for business on September 20 for the Climate Strike. Meetings will not be scheduled. No one will answer the phone. Emails will be on auto-reply. Our website will be shut down. We will be on strike for the planet.

Why? Because it's not business as usual for children to skip school so that adults pay attention to the climate crisis. It's not business as usual for citizens to strike so that the government makes meaningful commitments to climate action. So on September 20, we're not doing business as usual.

We are proud to be part of an alliance of Australian and global business leaders pledging to support employee participation in the climate strike. The studio will be closed for the whole day as our team joins school students in the strike (paid leave).

For info on how you can support your team, and to pledge your business, visit

For times and locations for strikes in Australia, visit For times and locations for global strikes, visit

This is not a drill.

We are in a state of climate emergency.

We all need to take action.