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Brand Questionnaire

Prompt: What it does, its background, any key milestones and achievements.
Your brand's 'why'. Example: To make simple, healthy cooking easy and sustainable for everyone.
How you achieve the 'why'. Example: By creating an app that delivers a new recipe every day based on dietary requirements and lifestyle.
Examples: World peace, manufacturing clothing from ethical materials, bicycles with indicators to reduce road accidents, software that makes spreadsheets fun, ergonomic ottomans for office desks, an app that marks text messages as unread, etc.
Prompt: Why should people buy your product or service over your competitors'?
Prompt: If you were a potential customer of your business, why would you care about the brand, story, people, or message? What about the brand would resonate with you?
Examples: Expand internationally, start a global movement, open a second location, partner with other businesses to create new products or services, start franchising, increase annual profits by 10%.
Examples: fun, approachable, accessible, professional, creative.
Prompts: Gender, age, interests, occupations, hobbies. Tip: If you have a website, you can find this information on Google Analytics. Visit:
Prompt: How do they spend their time (and money)? Example (like): Going to exhibitions, buying art. Example (dislike): Loud restaurants, meals with low quality ingredients.
12. How will they learn about your brand? *
Select all that apply:
Prompt: List up to 5 of your closest competitors, ones whose brands are the most similar to yours. If possible, please include a link to their website.
Example: Industry expert, has a specific niche, is the go-to for people looking for their product or service.
Prompt: New business, new product or service, connecting with a new or different audience, wanting a refresh, needing updated marketing materials, setting up an online or retail store, organising an event.
Prompt: What do you want to achieve by working with us on your project? Are there any challenges you feel we can work through together?
Examples: Brand awareness, greater visibility, audience engagement, sales and revenue, more stockists and wholesale enquiries, increased website traffic.
18. Will you be available to answer questions, attend presentations and provide feedback during the course of the project? *
Your project cannot be successful without your input. Please allow sufficient time for collaboration, feedback, meetings, presentations.