Vertigo | Brand Design Studio Melbourne

Branding & Design Services

We offer the following specialised services to help you build and grow your brand:

Brand Development & Design

We'll help you define your brand to uncover its meaning, purpose, and value: who you are, what you do, how you do it, and most importantly, why. We'll develop ideas and recommendations for design and marketing solutions relevant to your products or services, and align them with your business goals, the needs of your customers, and socially and environmentally aware solutions. This includes print design, digital design, and spatial design.

Brand Identity Design

We'll create a simplified design system for you to communicate your brand clearly and consistently. This includes logo, colours, fonts, naming, tone of voice, visual language (patterns, shapes, illustrations, icons), imagery, and a brand style guide to help you stay on track. We also provide complimentary annual brand reviews, which no other design company offers.

Brand Review

Whether your business needs a rebrand or your branding needs an update, we offer brand reviews to assess what's working, what's not working, what can be improved, and how.

Brand Strategy

Through strategic insight we'll help you position your brand in your industry, create messaging that communicates your brand to a socially aware audience, and develop a plan to help you achieve long-term growth.

Brand Workshops & Consultations

We understand branding can be overwhelming so we offer brand workshops with you and your team, and one-on-consultations to help you gain clarity and direction. If you have an idea and need creative input to make it happen, we can help with that too.